SS1000 challenge: Looking for good SF Bay Eastbound Routes?

I've been thinking about trying the SS1000 challenge for a while now. Am hoping to try it this Spring (before the roads become too hot).

My original goal was to complete the SS1000 in a straight shot, no loop. So was considering the following routes:

(1) San Jose --> Salt Lake City --> Moab, UT. (Google Maps Link)

(2) San Jose --> Laramie, WY (maps link)

(3) San Jose --> Albuquerque, NM (maps link)

Of all the routes, I like the Moab, UT one the most because then I finish in Utah and on the way back can maybe visit bryce canyon/Canyonlands, etc., which I hear have some of the most beautiful roads in America.

The first two routes concern me because I don't really want to be in Donner Pass at night, or in the middle of Nevada at night, but I guess its' unavoidable for those routes. (Anyone have any issues with traversing the giant Nevada desert at night?)

The New Mexico route seems the "easiest", I know those roads well (I5 south, bakersfield, to kingman, etc.). Just ends up somewhere I dont really want to be (ABQ), nothing against it, just really liked the Utah idea.

Also, not sure if a straight-shot SS1000 is a great idea for my first attempt.

Also, trying to find loop rides in CA, but can't find one that interests me. Could go from San Jose to Needles, CA and back but I5 is super boring.

Equipment/bike: 2006 Harley Vrod, comfy seat, aftermarket windshield, additional gas tank bolted on (going to modify it for quick removal). My range without gas can is about 115, with gas can over 200 miles (vrods have a tiny 3.7 gas tank and get around 28 to 30mpg).
Thx! Spotted that last night, wasn't able to comment though (didn't realize I needed to have my acct confirmed first).

That looks like a good loop. Never been in that section of NV. Going to google to see if they have a decent amount of gas stations.


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With your fuel tank situation, you'll be taking that fuel can - details in that thread on fuel locations.


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I live in Nevada and know almost all of the rural gas stations. I also carry 2 gals on my Gold wing. I would be glad to help if wanted.
I suggest riding 80 to 50 all the way over to Moab. It is less than 1k miles, but adding miles is easy.


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I have a great loop from Discovery Bay, CA down 101, through Barstow, and back up 99. Was going to do it on Saturday but the weather is going to be terrible this weekend.