Suit Zip Relacement


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I'm looking for recommendations for someone to do a Repair / Zip replacement in my riding suit ( roadcrafter ), I'm based in Letterkenny so the nearer the better, but distance no real issue within ireland for a top quality job.


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Aerostich sell a zipper repair kit but if you've lost a lot of teeth, or worse, it will need replaced. I think they did a zipper upgrade to a more waterproof one which was either free or at cost. Chris has sent his Roadcrafter over to Aerostich for repairs in the past, I wouldn't trust anyone locally, I have had local seamstresses and leatherwork guys work on zips for me in the past with little or no success.


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Thanks Joe, I have a replacement zipper ( Mine only lost 1 tooth on the full length zip ) from Aerostitch but was hoping not to have to send the suit back, due to the cost of post from ROI, I'll dig into the cost of the round trip postage.