Take 2: Cape2Cape 2019


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WOW what an adventure!
Go you good things wishing you fair weather ,tail winds , shallow bulldust, tame roos , smart emus , no puntures , no lazy camels or cattle , intellegent 4wders, no frosts, good fuel and fun times with no flaffing about.
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My bike died coming into Coen yesterday and is very much dead. Still here.
Russ pulled the pin after not a good night.
Ed has decided to throw the cards down on the table utterly and is pressing on despite being about 3 hrs behind schedule.
As he won’t make jervois before closing he will short stop at Tobermory and hopefully with an extra 14 litres in bladders will be able to make the near 600km slog in darkness across the plenty to Alice springs.
Sack out there for a bit and head for the rock and the great central.
While I’m trying to hitch a ride down to Mareeba I’m re plotting info for Ed and feeding him what I can and any info he needs.
Winton to Boulia was a hotish leg for him and to the NT border will be warm before it cools down.

He’s hoping to still pull the ride off in under 100hrs.
It’s the fuel logistics that’s the big issue.
If everything went to plan all the dirt riding bar a small section would have been in daylight hours, and a total of 85hrs.