TAR24 Roundup Scholars, Winos and Poets well under way

Sorry to read about your wildlife encounter, Ron.
Your quote says it all regarding rallying:
Those who want the test, want to see over the horizon...achieve the goal or fail are in the end the only players who have credibility. - C. Snooks
It's having a go that counts. I'm still kicking myself around for squandered points, but very thankful I scrounged enough to be a Finisher, thus keeping my record clean. But it seems to be getting harder, or is that the Rally designers?
We need to keep the challenge there Bill, but we do plan on doing a few easier options as well in the future.
I made it home at 2100 yesterday and promptly slept for 12 hrs straight, can't remember being so tired.

A big thanks to everyone involved in organising this event it was a huge task executed seamlessly. Well done to all the riders involved and many thanks to those who willingly shared there knowledge and insight with complete and utter novices like me

You may have had a little more time Crappy ,but that was an amazing ride.

Now that the dust has settled and I can think straight again, I'm looking forward to the next one

Vlad, I think you have been bitten by the bug. It's a hard thing to shake off once you've had a taste and you kinda like it. I think you are going to be a fierce competitor in the future. Keep at it.