The Dam Hard To Say Roundup - OCTOBER 27/28 - 30 Hours - Taree NSW


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Tiger-Bill, as you know I ordered mine, so I am trusting you sir-Knight to have it for me, at the start of the rally. I trust my trust is well trusted (or something like that)?
I picked up the newly minted Roundup Flags this morning, and will have them with me on Friday.
So that I don't do another 'Renmark', I'll be (a) in the ute, and (b) Ox will be shadowing me to make sure I get there!
See Youse Friday.


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OK, so I have packed the regular stuff, probably forgot a few things. I will head north out of Sydney in the morning and hope to arrive at Fine Line between 11:00 and 12:00 (depending on traffic down here) for some new shoes on the FJR. Get set up at the Motel and then go shopping for all the stuff I forgot. See you all for dinner.
Looking forward to seeing you all tonight at the East Court Chinese Restaurant. 6:30pm.
You’ll be handed out your surprise packages then. I can’t wait to see this little gem unfold.

Quote by The Mobmaster - “ this will be a very interesting thing to watch unfold, especially.........”, followed by a little laugh.

Routing ahead!
1. Taree - Moree - Taree 1,017 km 12 hr 17
2. T - Gilgandra - Moree - Taree 1,353 km 15 hr 25
3. T Gilgrandra - Moree - Coffs Harbour - Taree 1,486 km 16 hr 38
4. Taree - Broken Hill - Taree 2,560 km 27 hr
5. Taree - Nyngan - Taree 1,374 km 14 hr 53
6. Taree - Nyngan - Bourke - Taree 1,782 km 19 hr 1
7. Taree - Walgett - Bourke - Tamworth - Taree 1,731 km 19 hr 34
8. Taree - Dubbo - Walgett - Taree 1,403 km 16 hr 8 min
9. Taree - Dubbo - Walgett - Moree - Taree 1,519 km 17 hr 13
10. Taree - Dubbo - Walgett - L.Ridge - St George - T 1,868 km 21 hr 3
11. Taree - Walgett - LR - St George - Moree - T 1,652 km 19 hr 23
12. Taree - Tamworth - LR - St George - Roma - Armidale - Taree 2.014 km 23 hr 8
13. Taree - Charleville - Roma - Taree 2.356 km 26 hr
14. Taree - Brisbane - Roma - Taree 2,001 km 22 hr 47
15. Taree - Noosa - Goondawindi - Taree 1,819 km 20 hr 58
16. Taree - Emerald QLD - Taree 2,626 km 29 hours
Ahhh. The best laid plans of mice and men......
And so all the brave souls joined the fray tonight.

Actually, it was great to see all of our usual rally participants supporting the Dam Hard To Say Roundup, with Olaf Moon joining us for the first time. It was exciting to see 8 Iron Butt Rally Veterans at this event, and also two lovely pillions joining us, obviously excited and eager to test their marriages this weekend, as only a two up roundup entry can do. There was great anticipation of what the Roundup packs would hold.. as soon as they were all handed their Round up packs they shot out the door as fast as their legs would carry them, so they could get back to their motel rooms to start their individual routing plans. All except Derrick of course....he will do a quick scan and already know what he’s doing.
We have already had some hiccups. Crappy was unable to make it as he crashed his bike on the way to the Roundup. He walked away without a scratch, but the bike is very sad.
We also discovered that one page was missing from our Bonus Location sheets. It shared the points value for the rest stop, and also the call ins.
Should we tell them tonight or have them search for it over the next 4 hours?
Gawd, glad I’m not in charge of computer things! That message tripled itself- muchnlike many of the bonuses on this Roundup! Let’s hope the riders have good reading comprehension! Here are a few pics from our gathering last night


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Yes up early looking on bike sales sorry Paul I know you loved that bike more than me.

Hit some loose blue metal near Clouds Creek that was used to patch a pothole but had been dragged four meters through he corner right on the bike line. It was just after 9am in dappled sunlight on from the gums. I didn't see it when I went into the corner I was looking through the corner when the bike low sided. We parted company as I slid along the tar slower than the bike, Marquez style I was on my feet before I stopped sliding walking to the bike which had slammed into a ditch 60 metres down the road. The bike had stalled but had smoke rising from the pipes from engine oil. I switched the ignition off to stop the fuel pump I knew it was a write off there was no fairing left, dash and headlights smashed back over the front and the side crank case was holed badly. I walked back up the road followed the oil trail to see what I had hit only then seeing the blue metal.

I haven't got a scratch or any bruising or soreness and the only thing that scared me was that I wasn't scared ,I had no adrenalin rush or shock and had to calm all the people down that stopped. I was wearing an Areostitch Transit leather two piece which worked great , I wish they still made those I'm looking for a second hand set if anyone is selling.

I had just added some Clearwaters and cool Jaycar siren for the roos that I never got to use in anger both mirrors snapped off so I grabbed them but they are badly gravel rashed.

I'm fine, the bike was insured , a bit embarrassed I couldn't even make the start line.
Bron and I will be down to finish line , have a great ride everyone look forward to disecting the rally puzzle with you all Sunday night.
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So sorry to read of this mishap FarKing Crappy. :eek: What a miserable start to your weekend. So pleased you could walk away from that mess without a scratch.
I have a nice used K16 if you are keen ........ :cool:;)
So disappointed for you Crappy, firstly in crashing your lovely new bike and writing it off, and secondly for not being able to make the Roundup, but so glad that you were uninjured and walked away so calmly. Looking forward to seeing you both tomorrow night..,,,if I survive the wrath of the Roundup riders that is. ‍♀️
On this Roundup I didn’t google earth every single town sign or dam being used in the Dam Hard To Say Roundup, and it would seem that some towns just don’t have any signs at all, and some Dam co-ords have been a fair bit away from the actual bonus. We did warn the riders that the coords given are not exact - it’s more of an indicator of where the town or Dam is - it’s up to the riders to find the sign, but some co odds have simply been incorrect due to poor mapping programs and data errors in those programs, and have led the riders heading for those particular bonuses astray a little.
We are advising the riders when we find these errors, but we can’t follow many of the riders who are riding in stealth mode. We are also being a little bit lenient on directional signs or pics proving the location, if nothing else is around for the rider to take a picture of. Looking for these things might be fun when the sun is shining and you are fresh on the bike, but when you’ve been in the saddle for 13 or 14 hours and it’s dark and the wildlife has come out to play, trying to find something that just isn’t there increases the frustration level. I understand. This is rallying in Australia in it’s infancy stages.
We have been following the riders as much as we can from the info we are getting in, and many riders have sms their pics on the fly, which assists us in scoring and following their movements, and can assist them in knowing that their photo is good or bad while they are still close to the bonus, at least until someone else gets the correct town sign or Dam sign, which may either reduce their points at the scoring table or negate them entirely for that bonus. I must say, we’ve had lots of anxious moments watching things unfold, and never ending debates between ourselves about whether a pic is “good enough”. It’s a balancing act of being fair, but also trying to raise the standards of the riders, to help them improve their rallying prowess, particularly those who will be competing in the IBR . Trust me when I say they give no quarter in the big dance across the pond.
We’ve also been Giggling a few times at some of the things riders have done on this ride so far - these antics will make unforgettable tales later, when the stories are related over many a cold beer and the riders themselves will see the funny side of what they have done I am sure.
Most of the riders are taking their rest Bonus now we hope, and the Mobmaster and other scorers are catching a well earned nap.
Me, I’m listening out for the phones just in case I’ve left some poor bugger stranded in the back of nowhere in a place that they can’t even pronounce!
Ahh, rallying. What a hoot it is!
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