The Dam Hard To Say Roundup - OCTOBER 27/28 - 30 Hours - Taree NSW

Yes I agree. Not everyone wants to do an IBR style ride, and not everyone likes to do the computer stuff. This one is still about that if you want it to be or you can just do it as a fun rally and make it as easy or as challenging as you want to. It’s still going to be a challenge whichever way you choose to do it, because IBA riders are pretty tough!
It is a great idea Annette that riders can enter and then ride a route to collect bonus locations/points with only using a map, if they want. :cool:

This idea should allow more riders to have a crack at this rally. More the better me thinks! :)
Ahhh, you’ll be very surprised at what may be covered in the 12 week challenge (see other thread) or what points each kingdom may be awarded for achieving certain tasks. The more involved you are with riding, the more your kingdom may benefit. Curioser and curioser.......
Milady, LTP and I are only doing the rally out of Taree in Oct. Good luck to all in the 12 week challenge.
You guys won't be riding anywhere over that 12 weeks? It's just a matter of picking up bonuses on your travels. It will be lots of fun, but only if we get lots of people participating.