The GOT Spoils Of War

This is the place Ser Jorah Mormont, Hand to the Queen, shall collect all the bonus spoils of war and place them on display for our warriors to glance upon.
Perhaps it shall be a useful reference tool to be used when the war progresses.
Here is a gdb file of the bonus waypoints gathered thus far. We shall update this as the bonuses add up. It is in the interests of eachHouse to gather as many bonuses as they can so that they may be added to this map by Your Khaleesi and Ser Jorah Mormont. It shall make things a little more interesting towards the end of this rally. Hush now, for I divulge too much..........hmmmm - it would seem I cannot attach the file as a gdb file is not allowed within this realm. Ser Jorah Mormont. Any ideas?
Perhaps, due to the constraints of the Ironbutt site and in the interests of not glutting up this site any further with pics, the waypoints found shall
Just remain on the GOT Bonus Thread.