the great escape

well pretty much confined to the house and garden now. (only essential trips) cant really take the bike out per government rules as of this week.. so the mind starts to think what happens when this restriction is lifted ?? i go for a ride on the bike simple so far but where to ? easy enough to pick a random destination but me thinks perhaps a great escape ride or rather rides which of course will be called tom, dick, and harry.
well thats the germ of the idea once i get the route sorted i'll post the details, but escaping from home and not jumping barb wire fences is part of the plan.
everything i booked for the next few months has been cancelled now or rescheduled so plenty of time available once this is over


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I've recently read a great book called 'The Great escape from Stalag Luft III'. It's the memoir from Jens Muller who was the actual escapee who managed to get back to Norway (he was an RAF pilot). I suspect his character in the film was Danny, played by Charles Bronson. But Jens never rowed a boat he went by train, with his friend still.
chinos and baseballs ?? no they were only in the film
at first my plan was a trip to the memorial in Poland but that may be a little difficult with the current situation so was planning something more focused on the UK maybe visit some of the old RAF airfields such as biggin hill and perhaps finish with fish and chips at Harry ramsdens (remembering the tunnel was called Harry)
looks like i've still got some time to ponder on the exact route