The longest suicide note in history Pt 2

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The last election proves that the majority of socialists do not have the wit or intelligence to learn from their feck ups.
The 1983 labour manifesto drawn up by Micheal Foot was described by Gerald Kaufman as 'The longest suicide note in history'
this led to Margaret Thatcher being the longest serving prime minister.
The only way that labour could get back to power was to move to the centre ground which led to Tony Blair winning three consecutive elections,
Jeremy Corbin and John McDonald witnessed all this but they could not move away from socialist dogma.
John McDonald states his hobby as plotting the downfall of the capitalist system Jeremy Corbin openly supports the IRA and other murderous terrorist organisations around the middle east with these two leading the labour party plus the blatant reversal of their promise to get Brexit sorted as stated in their 2017 manifesto led to this crushing defeat.
When someone like Dennis Skinner member for Bolsolver for fifty years loses his seat in a rock solid labour seat to a Tory and people in labour constituencies in the midlands and the North East and North west the 'red belt' of labour seats who would never vote anything but labour vote Tory because they were stabbed in the back by the party they trusted the Torys are in govt for five years they ignore the demands of these new seats at there peril.
All politicians have treated the electorate with contempt because they know better than the ignorant uninformed populace it's a good job for them we don't do revolution in this country.
Nigel Farage and his Brexit party were a complete waste all he managed was to save a few labour MP's in marginal seats by splitting the vote.
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