The Septuagenarians Story.

Grey Gentry

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Thanks Lynne, yes awesome support at the east coast, on the ride, and at the west coast.
There is another ride...but I can only dream. I'll need to look at a plan, and see if I feel comfortable with it.
I only wanted to attempt this 100CCC....if I'd aborted, then I wasn't going to revisit the double crossing, I would have happily accepted that was my limit.
Quite frankly, I had a hard time convincing Marls my health was ok for this ride, and I knew when to pull the pin.
She's seen me have micro naps, from time to time out on the road .I don't know if I want to put her through that again.
There maybe no multi day rides in the future I can attempt safely. So be it.

Happy to share my ride plan anyone , but via PM.
Cheers. VFR is awaiting a new mirror, then I'll be back on the road.


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Just caught up on this report Ron. As others have said, an epic personal achievement and not one to be taken at all lightly. A few years younger than you, I'm still not sure if I have what it takes to do the first 50CC. Inspirational stuff mate. Awesomeness all-round. :):)

Fantastic that you found the camera. And well done on the photos. Brilliant work by Jeff to run his epic adventure along side yours, and a top shelf effort again by the team of friends and supporters across the nation who came out at all hours to play their small part to help you along. Hope to see you soon !

Grey Gentry

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Ok, with Jeffery approaching Mildura a few days ago, the guilt of not presenting the ride for certification, was too much to endure.
I was afraid Jeffery would ask me have I submitted this. 'drain, you asked me at Wilcannia if I'd submitted this too.

"You are receiving this e-mail because of your requested ride certification. This note is to let you know that your ride has been approved and entered into the IBA's ride database:

Australia 100CCC Insanity Gold
Ron Perry (#37681) 14-Oct-2019 7,905km (AU) 2014 Honda VFR800"

It's done.
I'll just need to wait for, the soon to be, treasured certificate.


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Hahaha! Good on you, Ron! It is good to clear out that one that is sitting in the drawer nagging at you, 2 or 3 years isn't too bad in the scheme of things...


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I recall meeting you on your return to Coogee after that mammoth effort Ron. I can hardly believe that three years has passed since that evening/morning. Life moves way too quick at times. I stand in awe of that achievement.

A few weeks back I did a leisurely 1200 klms in one day from home out to my daughters for a visit. I was pleased to get there, and had no desire or thought to continue on. I considered the effort required to continue across to Perth, and marvel that you went that far and returned. An epic challenge in any language.