Three Garmin 2598's plus RAM mounts and accessories - SOLD!


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I used these Garmin 2598's on most of my long distance riding adventures, but now have upgraded to a Zumo. I liked these units because they were inexpensive, easy to make water resistant, traffic, paired with my phone for weather (forecast, radar with motion), and were easy to use. These are auto GPS's that were made water resistant with some silicone and tape (We'll call it the 'Greg Rice Method'). They all power on, and 2 out of the 3 have the latest maps (the other one just isn't updated yet). Basically this is a parts lot. I also have 5 Garmin TA20's (in various states) cigarette chargers that have the integrated traffic antenna. I have two RAM mounts that fit the GPS's - one has a RAM ball attached, the other doesn't, one has a sunshade, the other has velcro for one if you wanted to add another shade. I'm also including two "Red Band" USB cords that allow you to power these Garmins from any USB port - the "Red Band" part tricks the Garmin into thinking it's powered out of a genuine cable, so it doesn't go into "computer mode." They aren't cheap at $20 a piece.

The whole kit and caboodle is available to you for $50 shipped CONUS, paid via PayPal