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There are many warnings on IBA sites to NOTjust rely on odometer readings since they are frequently off. So using a good mapping programand GPSis actually better than relying on your odometer.
Additionally, the odo and the speedometer errors aren't typically in sync. Thus, speedometer can be within 1% of GPS at speed (e.g. 70MPH), but the odometer may have a 3% error over 100 miles.

This is why, as you point out, that either that programmed GPS, or a good route prepared on-line (Google Maps) or off-line (Basecamp) confirms the distance traveled is adequate.
Stock Dunlop’s on my 15RGS...... Check air pressure regularly and @ 14k still have some life left in em. Cold, Heat, Dry, and Wet haven’t had any issues
I ride an '18 Road Glide with the OEM Dunlop tires. My rear tire had 10,500 miles when it picked up a bolt and was replaced under road hazard warranty. It would have gone another 5,000 miles at least according to the tread remaining. The front tire is original and now has 15,800 miles and will be changed in another two to three thousand miles.

As a side note, I did an SS 1000 ride yesterday and my odometer showed a total distance of 1,044 miles vs. the Garmin etrax calculated distance of 1,039 miles. I was very impressed at 0.4812 % error on the odometer


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I just ran 12,000 miles on a set of Michelin Commander II tires under all possible conditions including off road. The front looks hardly used and the rear, aside from flat spotting appears less than half worn.

Gotta use caution on wet roads, but otherwise they handled and performed flawlessly.