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Ian M

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Testing this. bike 3.jpg

bike 2.jpg

Thanks to AJ BMW in Baildon I had it for up to two days if needed.
It’s very good, except the screen which provided no protection from buffering hence a huge headache. The torque is really impressive and it flies along, soon gets up to speed and does pull very well in all gears – you have to wonder why have a GS if you never go off road? Position is fairly upright certainly more than the ZZR but not as much as the RT i had for two days.


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I did 26,000 miles on one, and loved it. The range was okay - 200-ish miles to a tank. I switched to a GSA for the increased range, and the more upright seating position. The GSA is no slouch, but I still miss the way the RS went!

Screen: I replaced the stock screen with an MRA Vario screen, which was much better. I put the stock screen back on when I traded it in, and I haven't got around to selling the MRA screen yet, so if you get one and want to change the screen, let me know.