Tom Loftus ss1000 28th April on Sunday after ERTE


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Kim and I intend to do a TL 1000 in memory of Tom Loftus on the way back from the ERTE in France at the end of April.

It will be a 03:00 ish leave from Bourge, Millau bridge for sunrise (hopefully) then Med coast and back to Eurotunnel via Toulouse for about 21:00. Some wonderful views. A chance to ponder and remember.


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Fingers crossed with Sally getting her injection before, and is ok to ride, as got a few days off too so could be chance to make up for lost riding time lol

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I'll be going same route partly Millau then soutcoast direction Barcelona,Valencia then heading home to make it 2000 km SS but leavin Bourges around 6.45-07.00....paid for breakfast!