Tory's 50cc Attempt

I will be at Coogee Beach on Monday Morning 6th November 2017 from The Caltex at Coogee Beach Road to attempty a 50cc.
Start Time 0200am Sydney Time.
I plan to Be in FREEMANTLE within the time frame of 50 hours. I am not running Aux Tank so will have approx 400klm fuel stops.
If anyone is not able to sleep i would like a Witness or two please.
this is the my SPOT LINK
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Hope you have a great Ride!! Ill be watchin the SPOT for sure. GOOD LUCK on the ride. Ride Smart Ride the Plan Ride Safe.
I wish i was comming with you !!!!


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Good planning will make it happen. Will watch your progress as able. Hope it all goes exceedingly well for you. Cheers.
Thanks for your posts of support. I am not one to post munch on the web as computers and me do not like each other much, so forgive me if I do not post much will I am on the ride. I hope to be in Fremantle ( BP Queen Victoria St ) Tuesday evening. I would like to thank Brian for helping me navigate my way onto the forum. So thanks again and I will see you all in Dalby next year.


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Well done Knave. Good to see that your busy schedule doesn't interfere with the important things in life. Tory, good wishes for a safe crossing, will be following you on spot.


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Have a ball Tory, unfortunately I will be in Sydney but won't have transport to see you off :(
Great stuff Knave and Enterprise! otherwise you shouldn't have any issues getting witnesses from the service station.
Ride safe, ride smart and I'll look forward to watching your spot!

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Good luck with your ride tomorrow Tony. Hope all goes well and uou reach Freo safely and pn time. Unfortunately I am off on a ride myself tomorrow and won't be able to keep an eyevon your spot.
Ride safe.


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Best of luck for the ride, Tory.
I saw a small number of Roos recently between Wudinna and Minnipa in SA, but I reduced the live tally by one. :D
No significant roadworks in mid-October.
Ride safe.


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I just fixed the spot link its now active but the start point seems wrong. Ill update when i talk to Tory

Spot device was having issues with the start point. Then with tunnels was flashing a lot of red messages, seems to have sorted itself out now and ive adjusted the link to work
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Update, Tory doing it a little tough, It was raining when he left Sydney and was still raining 200k from Hay.
I looked at the BOM and it appears by the time he gets to Hay it should clear then its clear to Ceduna.
He will need to dry out and get warmed up before the night run tonight but he is in good spirits at the moment.

This was the radar when i looked.
maybe some intercepts along the way will keep him going...
you just cant plan the weather some times.