Tour of Honor SS1K submission question


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I'm preparing my recent Tour of Honor SS1K ride submission. As a premier member I'll be doing the online submission sending my DBR photos and spotwalla link to the ride and I also need to submit a google maps link. When I create a trip link using my gas stop DBR's it routes differently than my actual route taken to the Tour of Honor sites that I visited on the ride. When I create a google maps link using the TOH sites it has the correct route that also matches my spotwalla track.

My question is this. Since google maps has a 10 way point limit I can't include all gas stops and TOH sites on one link. Do I need to submit two google maps links, one with the Tour of Honor way points and another that matches my gas stops? Or should I split the trip into two different links and include gas stops and TOH sites all together?

I apologize in advance if this has been answered elsewhere but my searchfoo is not strong. :) And this is my first actual ride submission other than the BAT rally.

Thanks for any help and advice you can offer.

Allen, TX


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I personally would create two links showing the ToH and fuel stops. The point of the map is to show the reviewer what you rode so they can get a visual picture of the route. Submitting a route that you did not ride will not do that.

Of course, Ira's opinion is the one that counts :)


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As the rules state, "This map is to assist the person verifying the routes and is meant to give a good overall picture of your ride. You do not actually have to find the small towns you stopped in, just circle the approximate area." If you are submitting a Spotwalla link, that will probably be the best representation of your route.

Ira Agins
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