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I am not sure there is a small hand held satellite tracking device that works well indoors. SPOT Gen 3does ok when near windows but in many types of building the signal is not strong enough. The satellite devices available for low cost like the Garmin inReach and SPOT Gen 3 or SPOT X were not designed to work indoors.

Some cell phone based tracking apps will work indoors but may use the closest cell tower and not a true GPS fix.


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I had assisted another rider (different forum...) not long ago on a tracking device installed on a motorcycle that he recently purchased in the UK. It killed the battery in about a week. Took a nudge from the service provider to get the tracker to operate properly, and not in a continuous mode.

At least in North America, tracking devices 'permanently' installed on motorcycles is a rare exception; apparently much more common in the UK.

Suppose that the OP doesn't realize that this forum is world-wide in scope. Perhaps @saphena or @FazerPhil could weigh in on this.
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Ubitrack appears to be located in Sophia, Bulgaria and mostly focused on active sports optical tracking where players wear vests with antennas and the data collected gets compiled with AI to generate statistics, etc.

I could see this being used by an event like the IBR to a degree, but my impression is it would have to be cellular upload and that's not going to cut it for the IBR since riders often are in areas w/o cell service. I don't see it working with a satellite uplink that could be linked to Spotwalla, but who knows what their capability is?