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Hi Guys,

its that time of year where I check out Roadside Cover for my 2016 Triumph Trophy.

I had one of those insurance packages and they responded so badly I won a case against them using the financial Ombudsman.

So I decided to use companies I knew, AA, RAC or Green Flag. My Green Flag Recovery Plus has gone from £89.60 last year to £100.80 this year but I got an AA Quote at £168, RAC at £90 and a Green Flag at £44.80 by going online and tweaking the cover I need.

What do you guys have experience with and recommend?

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Initially, because I was looking for European cover for a bike approaching 20 yrs old (most stop at 16 yrs) I went with ETA and have stayed with them.

One year costs less than the extra that the AA wanted to extend our Gold Membership for a 17 day trip. We now have the Joint Personal Cover with European Breakdown for £150'ish per year. (AA was £191 at the time we let them go, and was UK Only..! ) It covers us in my car, my wife's car, and on the bike (and any other form of transport, too, train, bus, someone else's vehicle, even a pedal cycle!!)

Peter Perfect

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Have you had the misfortune to call them out? If soo how did it go.
I had just had a 27 year old BMW K75 RT restored and put on the road. It stopped and wouldn't start. I called them and they sent SOS Motorcycle Recovery. He was a motorcycle mechanic and upset not to be able to get it going. We (me and Rita the RT) went home in his van.

A fellow BMW K Series owner came over to my house the following morning and clicked the connector under the seat to the "Big Brain" there, and we were sorted.!

I emailed any number of scenarios to ETA before signing up and it seems that they really understand motorcyclists.