UK Rides to Eat MCN Festival of Motorcycling - 18th & 19th May 2019

Camp for the weekend on our own club stand. There should be enough of us so we can wander around at different times. Plenty to see. Free entry to Saturday evenings Peterborough speedway meeting. Live music. Loads of food stands. Factory ride outs on new models. Etc
Hi Phil,

How many nights' camping is planned? Fri, Sat, Sun?


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will be bring some chairs and a pop up gazebo, Not on the bike lol but sally coming via four wheels can bring a large BQ if we want to do a bq on the Fri/sat eve saves paying silly money at the stands?


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Tickets have arrived - I have 16 (free) weekend passes

Our stand number is C96 to C98. It is 20m wide by 16m deep

I will be there from about 4.00pm onwards on Friday.

Access onto the stand is ONLY :

(1) 4.00pm (when I get there) to 8.00pm Friday (gate 4a)
(2) 7.00am to 8.30am on Saturday (gate 3)


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I will be at Dave Clarks funeral on Wednesday. If you are coming along to Peterborough, you can have your ticket then (that will allow earlier entrance than 4.00pm on Friday - BUT DO NOT HAVE A TICKET OFF ME NEXT WEDNESDAY UNLESS YOU ARE DEFINITELY, 100%, ABSOLUTELY, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT, PLANNING TO TURN UP !!!!!!!!


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Lynne and I..two please.See you Wednesday
We are in the Marriot
We'll be in a van so can bring chairs, BBQ supplies etc. What do you all think?
Happy to provide tea/milk evening meat and bacon butties breakfasts off BBQ. I'm happy to get it and split costs to those interested. I can bring tea mugs....Thoughts......