Ultimate coast to coast questions...newbie

Yes, I did a search to try and avoid doing this...but couldn't find a definitive answer.
As I understand it, the ultimate coast to coast must be completed in 30 days.
That's not an issue at all.

My issue currently....
One of the people going cannot get the vaccine.

This means...we cannot travel thru Canada for leisure. Only work.

I am working on getting someone up there to agree to working papers for one day or something to be legal (but that's technically cheating)

However....there is a ferry from Washington to whittier Alaska. We stay US all the way. The time on the ferry is a bit longer than our thru Canada route time wise. But still be able to hit under 30 days

So my question is....if we take the ferry, does it still count to receive the Ultimate Coast to Coast Iron butt.
Yes or no.

I'm fully prepared for the "if you took a ferry from Key West to Alaska would that count?" Hyperbole.

I just need a straight yes or no please.

Looking forward to this trip.
Lot of people telling me I can't
make it, on a Harley Fatboy....gotta do it now
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I have a few more questions for clarity....according to the Ultimate coast to coast page...there is much documentation needed.
(Which is fine)
I just want to clarify....this page makes it look like I need....

Start pic
End pic

Dbr every 350 miles

Pics of odometer and gas receipts each fill up

A trip log

And spotwalla to help verify.

Do I need each of the first 5?
Or for example...
Would start pic, dbr every 350 and end pic suffice for documentation?

The wording is...just not quite clear.

I know spotwalla helps, but technology generally shouldn't be trusted. (Hell...my last name is Glitch)

Jay Bolinger

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Mr Glitch,
This is not an official IBA answer, but opinion from another rider.

Many of us use personal tracking devices or tracking apps with data dumped into spotwalla to help us ensure we have sufficient evidence to prove we have completed a certified ride per the rules and earn our certificate. Additionally, taking a picture of each DBR, including gas receipts, as it is held right next to the motorcycle odometer is a REALLY good practice. With smart phone technology, this is a fairly easy thing to do (except for wind, rain, sun glare.....but you can figure out tricks to make it work).

If I have gas stops with intervals less than 350 miles, I use those receipts and I don't stop for another DBR right at the 350 mark. Many of us have aux tanks that will actually allow for >350 miles between fill-ups, but per the rules, I always stop at or less than 350 miles to get gas and a receipt on a certified ride. If the gas pump receipt is crap, I go for an ATM, McDonalds, etc. just to get a good DBR.

A trip log / ride log is fairly easy to do if you have the receipts and from what I understand VERY important on this ride since you will have several stops longer than 30 minutes that need to be documented. I do like to keep a real time log that I fill out during the ride and then make it "neat" before submitting.

Finally, many consider the UCC a trip of a lifetime. I am not sure that is one where I would cut corners on the documentation. Especially considering the amount of time and $$$ invested just to complete the ride. I think a spotwalla account is going to be ~$26/year depending on a few things and the bubbler gps or SW tracker app that run on a smart phone are either free or cheap as compared to most any other motorcycling item.

Be sure to read the documentation page (linked on the UCC page) a couple of times and I think you will get the full picture.

Good luck,
Everything you said makes sense, but I have struggled with spotwalla. Some days it's rock and roll and other days it just stares at me like a pimple on prom night.

The log, dbr, gas station receipts, all that is ez pz. I just want to make sure that those alone will cover the requirements if spotwalla is....spotty.


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You can always default to the old school paper method. Odo witness for start and finish and then receipts for the actual start, finish and every 350 or less during the ride. No pictures, no spotwalla and just scan it all when you get home and put a fuel log together and email it in. You don't need to have odo witnesses at the exact start and finish times, just within a reasonable time and distance. The receipts are your actual start and finish times.

FWIW, most spotwalla issues are with the device, not spotwalla. If you're using a cellular device, it's understandable that you're having spotty results. Beyond that, just make sure your trip on spotwalla starts a day or so before and ends a day or so after to ensure you get everything covered.


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Just a suggestion, prior to your first fill [DBR], sign in to Spotwalla, have Spotwalla web page live to check to see your progress is running. Then if you need to restart the app, restart your phone, you know to do it prior to riding 150 miles...

I've run Spotwalla and see the historical data points fill the buffer, then once in cel service, download to the server... Then when you check the Spotwalla webpage, you can see your points show up...

Ah winter.


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I can tell you how not to attempt to do it:

That was in 2018, I planned on going in 2020, but we know how that worked out. I'm going to try again this summer, but we'll see if the border remains open?

I ran an inReach for tracking and safety reasons, with the data also being pulled to Spotwalla so my family/friends could see.
I'd get a copy of the "MilePost" for the Alaska Highway (assuming you're taking that route)
Also, if you haven't read the "Haul Road Primer" on Advrider, I'd take a look at what the last ~400 miles entails:


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I wonder if running north-to-south isn't the better option; you get to pick when you start the clock leaving Deadhorse, instead of getting to Coldfoot and potentially having to push through less-than-idea conditions.


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I wonder if running north-to-south isn't the better option; you get to pick when you start the clock leaving Deadhorse, instead of getting to Coldfoot and potentially having to push through less-than-idea conditions.
I planned to spend several days in Fairbanks to find a good weather window, no need to rush when the end of the ride is in sight. However, I was planning on using most of the 30 day ride time limit.

To those of you who you have ridden the UCC - which is worse, the 800 miles of the Dalton or the 1100 miles of Florida? :p
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My dad and I debated which way...North vs South to start.
We know we can make it north in 11 to 12 days without pushing hard.
Which gives us......18 days to make it from fairbanks to Prudhoe and get the title.

This thread is really just about making sure I'm accurate on requirements....

Dbr every 350,
Pics every fill up of receipt and odometer.
Start pic
End pic

I'm just fuzzy on if I need a witness at the end and beginning. One page said it. One didn't.

If so, cool. But like...won't the pictures negate that need?


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I believe the "Premier Rules" for start/end witnesses was rolled out to non-Premier (anyone) in March 2020. These give alternatives such as spot and Start/End DBR w ODO.

I used this method in 2018, eliminating the start/end witness requirement.


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I read your thread. Looking back...would you have opted for knobby tires if given the chance?
Looking back, I'd have opted for a GSA. My trip was over 11K miles, so I'd have fought knobbies for 10.5K over the rest of the trip... If there hadn't been rain on the north half of the Dalton, traction would have been fine.
Looking back, I'd have opted for a GSA. My trip was over 11K miles, so I'd have fought knobbies for 10.5K over the rest of the trip... If there hadn't been rain on the north half of the Dalton, traction would have been fine.
My pops and I are Harley guys. Just what it is. But we found nobbies that fit our bikes and are thinking about having them installed in fair banks....head to Prudhoe and back, go back to normal and head home


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For the trip the 2012 Deadhorse I used a Dunlop Winter Sport run flat snow tire on the rear and a stock Dunlop E3 on the front. The E3 was the weak link.
I was lucky on the Dalton Highway, didn't have much rain but construction and water trucks can turn the road into a slimy mess.
Was deciding the best way to climb this hill.

For the ride to Inuvik and the start of the 2015 IBA Canada North South Challenge I used the Winter Sport on the rear and a Shinko 700 Series rear tire on the front. It was a good choice.

This was during my 2019 ride to Tuktoyaktuk. I had ridden about 270 miles that day and there had been no rain. I had to turn around at this point and stay in Eagle Plains. This mud was from the rain the night before. I looked at the forecast in Eagle Plains and there was a zero change of rain. It poured that night; they closed the road and I had to stay another night. Good luck with weather forecasts and road conditions on the arctic highways.

I used a Spot Tracker with Spotwalla, worked perfectly and makes a nice map of your ride!

UCC - 2012

Canada North South Challenge - 2015

The ride to the Arctic Ocean - 2019