Unfinished business

It doesn't sit right with me that an international rider, over here on a big ride and having a big adventure, ended as Bam did.
So, I am setting out tomorrow from mataranka to complete his lap.
Obviously, I wont be riding his plan, I have my own rythym, I am simply riding the roads he didn't get to experience as he wound down the last days.
The loose plan is to be in sydney at his start location on saturday night.

Its been a perfect few days, nothing over 41 or under 25, some humidity, some rain, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, mainly empty roads and even got to ride from Birdum to Borroloola and down to Barkly which is a first.
Two days in, two to go.
Ive landed at Tacks place in Townsville for tonight.
The plan is to head to Brisbane and home tomorrow night which stages me for a Saturday 7am departure and a 14.30 arrival at Heatherbrae. Theres a couple of servos in the area so i will defer to OX or Sam to decide which one works best.

Its 2hr 15 according to google - Heatherbrae to Blakehurst - where this adventure started, so if theres a few people meeting there at about 17.30 I guess that works for both groups to congregate and remember an adventurer.
Spotted Ian just before Gin Gin and tailed him until we hit a roadworks red light about 10kms out of Childers. Had a chat for a few minutes, said he was loving it and then we were on our way (I turned off to Bundaberg shortly after that). He looked chipper. Apologies for the out of focus pic (damn iPhone has all these modes and I got it wrong).



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Drain reminded me I have a motorbike in shed and the red button on a Tenere started piston petrol explosions, so shared a bit of road with him this morning.He was heading South looking for directions to Darwin told him to keep going South and stick to highway one.lol. Great gesture for a fellow LD rider ..... BAM.