VStrom Long Range Fuel Tank - 1000/650 2002-2013

I have been on the UK V-Strom forum for over 10 years, enjoying many years on a well sorted 2005 KLV1000 (Tango)

I bought this professionally modified tank from a member on the V-Strom forum back in late 2013, with the intent to fit it to my KLV1000 for a Euro tour in 2014.

It holds 28 litres, and should provide a range of close to 400 miles on a 1000, maybe 450 on a 650.

Unfortunately, an initial diagnosis of prostate cancer in Spring 2014 meant that I couldn't ride for at least 12 months, if at all.
The KLV was sold in the Autumn of 2014, along various accessories.

I kept the long range tank with a hope that one day I would buy another V-Strom - I never did.

It was primed, ready to spray in the KLV Tango orange, and it's been boxed up and stored in the loft since then

I don't know how many older 2002-13 Vee/Wee are still on the road, hopefully it can find a good home.

I will list it at 90 shipped in UK.


Chopper Harris