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With NSW scheduled to re-open from covid lock-down for Regional travel on 1-Nov, we have just enough time for one last home-based Wanna Route eRally.

This eRally will be a little more difficult than the previous Wanna Route 2 as the Wanna Route 4Ways is a 7 day, multi-leg event, across multiple states and territories of Australia.

The RallyPack is available at tinyurl.com/WR4Ways

Once you have determined your ride plan solution, record the bonuses in the sequence you intend to visit them and send your solution via email to...... murphyau(at)gmail.com .......An example of the ride plan submission is included in the RallyPack.

Your solution must be received on or before 17:00 AEDT (06:00 Zulu), Sunday, 31 October 2021. The Google Mail timestamp will be used to determine the receipt date & time.

The Rider with the winning score will have unlimited bragging rights until the next e-Rally.

Please feel free to ask me for clarification or if there are any questions.

In the meantime, sharpen your pencils, dust off your paper maps, power up your software and get routing !
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Based on a question raised, I have made a small change to the Rally Instructions. This change should provide better clarity on the Start & Finish locations for each leg of the eRally.

Please ensure that you are using Version 2 of the Rally Instructions.

The updated information is located at tinyurl.com/WR4Ways-v2
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A problem has been identified in the naming format of some of the WR 4Way's bonus locations.

This problem typically shows up if you are using a routing spreadsheet that has in-built macros and attempt to "cut & paste" data into it.

The data files (version 3) have been corrected are available here :-- tinyurl.com/WR4Ways-v3
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A number of questions have been raised and adjudicated on. In fairness to all competitors, the following will apply :--
  • As no bonus locations begin with U or V, the bonus sequence S, T, W will be accepted as a valid Alphabetic Combo.
  • The bonus sequence Z, A, B will not be accepted as a valid Alphabetic Combo because the alphabet does not loop around.
  • All RESTx bonuses, which you intend to claim bonus points for, must be completed during the night-time period.
    That is to say, they may start anytime from 18:00 and finish anytime before 06:00.
    If the RESTx bonus starts or finishes during the day-time period, no bonus points will be awarded.
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It is now past 17:00 AEDT, and the Wanna Route 4Ways eRally has concluded.

The Ride Plan submissions have been checked and the scores tallied, so the "coulda, woulda, shoulda" analysis can begin.

The envelope please . . . and a drum roll . . . . with a score of 61,515 points, the winner is . . . Jeffrey Gebler.

Please join with me in congratulating Jeffrey on a eRally well run. Not only was his score impressive, he was the only rider to pick up not 1 but 2 of the elusive Consecutive Combo bonuses.

As they say at the Australian Open each year, "thank you Players, thank you Lines-men, thank you Ball-boys, . . . Game Over".
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In the future and without "outside forces" against me I might just be able to participate in an eRally.
So only a First Place in the eRally?
Irrespective, congrats Jeff and thanks to the RM. Well done to all involved.