wannabe ironbutter John negus ..does it!!!

John negus

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Hi all...well today I completed my first iron butt selection hurdle. Terrigal to Bourke ..1600 km in less than 24 hours with all the appropriate documentation. The suggestions I had from the forum on the RPM thread were terrific. I will add my observations as a Newby soon as I can put them together. Also I did it solo even though the discussion on RPM was about a group. I am the pathfinder for our group with this ride but they are keen to follow. Yippee. Jn


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Good one john.
(a) get the submission in to IBA;
(b) share the 'gory details' with us here - the first IBA ride will be memorable, but I'm sure there's something we can all learn from it!;
(c) get your mates out to do it, now that you've been the Pathfinder (maybe wait a few months for the weather to pick up a bit ....).

John negus

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Hi All , here is my report and maybe helpful hints for any other newbies looking at their first ride.

Stats....Distance Terrigal to Bourke NSW return 1667km. Time Terrigal to Bourke ..9.5 hours total and this included any break fuel,food (1 Hr 20 mins) . Return time 8.8 hrs ( break 45 mins). Avg speed was almost the same for both legs at high to mid 90kmh. Did the ride solo.

Planning...I wanted to depart early so decided to set off at 2am which I duly did so I could get to Bourke around noon. Fueled up and on the way BUT even though the forecast was perfect it was too perfect..fog all the way to Singleton ( lesson..try to not have clear no wind nights ). I sat behind the local tankers etc at a safe distance and they also acted as Roo deterrants..saw two roos cleaned up on the way out.

Fuel.. After being warned on the forum about fuel I carried an extra five litres of fuel which got me to Dubbo with a small reserve still in the tank .

Food...I planned to go hard for the first two to three hours and then stop for five minutes every hours for some hot soup and bread rolls ( outside temp was cold) After daylight had breakfast and lunch also. After daylight drank powerade hourly.

Clothing.. had layer on layer (thermals top and bottom ) and all the appropriate armour and my trusty back protector. Thank goodness for heated hand grips.

Lighting..carried the obligatory torch and also my spots on the Capo were driving oncomers mad in that I ended up leaving my normal lights on low beam and working the spots as a high beam (lesson.. get your lighting aligned and sorted )

RPM,s ..coming back didn't see one roo between 3 pm and darkness 5.15 pm ,followed a guy from Merriwa to the Newcastle Expressway in a land cruiser who had the best spots on earth and you could see anything lurking on the verge (prob saw no more than ten roos during that time)
Medication..being a pharmacist I took a quinine tablet in the morning and noon to help with hand cramps and a couple of nurofen-plus for a stiff neck in the afternoon. I didn't drink any coffee or energy drinks (red bull etc)

Summary..I am the ironbutt pathfinder for our ride group who are keen to partake but I wanted to try it solo first up (and I bloody well LOVED it ). To all wannabe ironbutters ...go and do it...i'm a fit old guy (69yo) if I can do it so can you younger punks. In the military .."preparation and planning"..is a byword for a good reason. SO.. Plan your ride and try to ride your plan as best you can (having a plan B is also a good option).

Thank you to in no order Fatman, Ox34, Ed,Rusjel,Kwacka and IBA tiger for helping me with planning advice and for getting me pumped for the ride...As soon as I figure it out i'll post some photos.... Cheers and yippee....Jn


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Enjoyed the read, congratulations on your first IBA ride, the first is always the hardest and most memorable, great stuff!


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A good choice of route- straightforward but interesting (especially if you've never been out that way). Your Moving Average is pretty impressive- the "open" roads out west are a big help.
You managed the roos well, but just remember, a roo coming through under a semi will give you about 1/10 second to react if you are even 20 metres back (numbers guesswork- I'm sure someone will want to run them).
Great that you are a pathfinder for others. Be sure to let them do their own planning, with the sorts of inputs you received and that worked so well for you.

John negus

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Thanks Biggles ..I agree ,in my rush of enthusiasm I probably didn't think the truck following out as well as I should (even though it was a warning in the ironbutt trip preparation thread). Next trip if there is fog forecast I'll delay the ride or just ride slower to the conditions. When our newbies have their attempt at the same ride I'll go along as company but not as a ride leader. We had originally planned to do our first attempt as a group (3-4) riders BUT I couldn't help myself last Monday and took off solo but we had a solid plan of action in place, including contingencies more or less worked out and will look at any issues i had on the ride...we discussed today that daylight saving time would probably be an advantage also...Cheers and yippee. jn

John negus

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Thanks bobthekelpy.. I'm already planning my next ride up the ladder...looking at heading for Longreach and further within the 36 hour allocation . Us newbies (or is it we newbies..har har) have to stick together..let me know what you have in the pipeline ( FarRiders at Silverton looks tempting also )...cheers and yippee...jn