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Im in and im in for a good long ride.

Well done to everyone who got this up and running well. TJ, Karl, Hagar and Craig to mention a couple on this side of the ocean. Mike and his team, Thanks guys for trusting such a good crew.

This is great.


Great question Michael, what would be good, is if you posted your ride report up in the General Discussion for all of us to drool over then, after certification (you will need to let us know and if you like add a copy of the certificate to the report) then we will move them over to the Certified Rides Reports. How does that sound?


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I don't think a full recovery is possible - but I can walk and I can ride, so I'm pretty pleased about that. The FJR seat is actually more comfortable than any chair, allowing me to do regular 500km days and the occasional longer one, hopefully up to ss1600 standard by the time my bike is back together.
Looking forward to catching up with everyone again.