Welcome to the South Australia Muster 2020


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Wonderful location, really looking,forward to this.

I reckon Jeltje and I might turn it into a holiday and I'll do a loop out of the place for the actual muster.

I dunno Tele, I have no idea of that date either, but I'll just block it out and hopefully fend off all challenges to the date.


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I am struggling to sort out my calendar for the next 3 weeks. April 2020 seems like a lifetime away .... assuming I live that l long.
So start your leave plan now mate. Little hints then some mention of a few weekend rides then about August ramp it up. September you need to put it in writing after a week of coffee shouts.

That bit about living long enough.
You'll shit it in.
For anyone whom reads that last line and feels uncomfortable? well its a metric measure of ballast. We make ballast.
Ballast makes the world go round so thats a good thing.