Welcome to the South Australia Muster 2020


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To the management team
Please do not process my refund keep it as a donation. The time and effort you guys and girls put in to help us enjoy the rides is worth the money.
Ive pondered this too in the last day or so.

Planning a ride to and event like this I believe recognises that things happen in the weeks leading up and in the ride itself that go beyond our control
as individuals.
My rides have almost from day one as a new rider back then started the day on my bike by myself and ended some long place latter in the company of others whom sort of did the same thing to get there.

No grantee. Like placing cash on two-up . Gravity and hope.

I cast my meagre few bucks and they left my hands to go to a place thats set up for me and people like minded. A place and friends and bloody bike riders and thats the place I expected it to stay and It shal.

No refund for me please. I signed up. I payed and I took a chance.
Im fine with that and anyway bills need to be payed too .

Now this patch thing.
Can we be inventive with this. I expect at this stage management has them in a plastic bag.

A twist on the narative... a script or even at a later date a hunt and trade game to disperse and collect rally over say ...between this muster and the next.
Lets turn this circumstance placed upon us into a LDR bonus.