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UK rallies are of various lengths.
Brit Butt Rally 36 hrs
Brit Butt Light 12 hrs
Iceni, Jorvik, etc 8hrs

Riders are issued with a book of bonus locations and a rally flag. This may be at the start of the rally or in advance
Everyone one plans there own route to gain bonus points by visiting locations and taking a photo showing their rally flag. It will be impossible to visit every location.
For the longer rallies there are also sleep bonuses. There may also be Text in bonuses and extra points for combination bonuses ( visting multiple locations) Higher value bonus points are usually farther away or harder to get too.
It is pretty well essential to use a GPS and mapping software to plan a rideable route
We say you plan your ride and ride your plan
It's a bit like chess on wheels
There is no requirement to gain minimum points or ride minimum miles.
The top three (Highest points scorers) are presented with trophies and every finisher gets a certificate of recognition.

Take a look at the rallies below to see the finer details

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