When does the IBR application start


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If the past is any guide, the 2021 Iron Butt Rally application period would open around the end of 2019/beginning of 2020.

Note that last year the announcement went out first to IBA Premier members. The response was so large that we almost didn't bother to announce the application period elsewhere. So word to the wise - if you're considering sending in an application, you might want to become a Premier member.

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FYI, when the application period is announced, historically you would be given the dates and the general location of the start (e.g., the southeastern US), but not any specific locations for start, checkpoint(s), or finish.



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OK. For those of you chomping at the bit for more information from Mike Kneebone:

We anticipate the 2021 IBR announcement will be early
February. There are a few critical details that impact the
checkpoint locations and entry fee that need to be set in stone yet.

On that note, for those interested in the Hopeless Class (some rally
spots are reserved for unique motorcycles) we would like to hear from
you before the general announcement goes out. Please send your
Hopeless ride proposal to:

[email protected]

In the subject line please put:


For those on the ropes what would be a good motorcycle to ride, we
are also looking for the following:

An original Kawasaki Z1 1972 - 1975 model with original style exhaust
system (may be modern replica but original style). Period fairing
and saddlebags OK.

A diesel motorcycle (we understand this is rare and nearly impossible to find)

Dylan Spink's 1977 Honda Gold Wing that was ridden in the 2017 Iron
Butt Rally - we have secured this motorcycle with extra wheels,
tires, many key spare parts etc for the right rider. The bike is
TALL and HEAVY (back when frames were made of heavy weight steel and
no computer modeling to save weight). The bike is exactly as he rode
it in the IBR MINUS GPS units and computer and is available at our
cost to save this bike - along with a possible buy back program after
the rally is completed to donate it to a museum or save for the 2023
rally. It just is not ready to be put to pasture yet.

We are also looking for a rider for Tom Loftus' 1992 Honda ST1100
with we believe 230,000 miles (or so) that he rode in 2001 and
2003. Tom had hoped to ride this motorcycle in the IBR again one
day, we would like to see it make one more spin in Tom's memory.

A Moto Guzzi MK III LeMans - the model Moto Guzzi Steve Attwood won
the 1991 IBR on (on one cylinder no less)

An electric motorcycle - ah the big one. We would have to see the
external support proposal to pull this off.



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I dunno...

Nearly every bike on the list above feels more nostalgic rather than hopeless.

Okay, so five minutes with Google found this old (2005) article:


Factoid from the article:

“Although the motorcycle is about 20-30% more expensive than a comparative conventional motorcycle, there would be cost savings for riders and environmental benefits in that the diesel motorcycle can do 110 miles per gallon - a little over twice the range of a conventional motorcycle."


Six-ish gallons...figure 75MPG in rally condition...and, the 350 mile receipt requirement. :D