Winglider's Fighter Pilot Guide


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Steve came across this article and thought we'd probably all want to become familiar with its contents.

"John Sullivan is a Royal Air Force pilot with over 4,000 flight hours, and a keen cyclist. In this article he describes why collisions can occur and, in layman’s terms, how some of the techniques of flying fast jets can be used to increase your chances of survival on the roads.
‘What’s wrong with you — are you blind?’
Who hasn’t thought this at some point whilst cycling or driving?"


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That’s a very interesting article Bob.

I attended a Biker Down course last weekend, (I can really recommend it) at the end the presenter showed this video
some of you may know this but it was new to me.


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Fantastic, thanks for sharing.

Lately, I have been using cruise control at low speeds, especially in 30mph zones, to avoid straying up to 34 and having to attend a speed awareness course. An unlikely outcome has been me taking roundabouts without slowing down and leaving cruise engaged and only glancing. So far so good. But having read the first article I will stop doing that.

From the second article, which I have seen and discussed before, I always did not like the SIAM manoeuvre as I am an advocate of keeping the bike upright, i.e. straight lining roundabouts for stability, so weaving would be against my rationale.

Both have good stuff we should be aware of. Ride Safe, it's a jungle out there!