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£3,300! I'm currently planning to live to 73, another 8 years. I get income of about £24000 but spend about £36,000 so currently using £12,000 worth of savings each year. I'm hoping as I get older I'll spend less; like not buying a new motorcycle every couple of years.

It is choices. I just choose to spend a lot on a Carbon Fiber Cycle, which I will use regularly but truck driving would just be a jolly and I guess rarely used skill; just fancy having a drive of a truck.

I suppose I could lop a month of my death date and do it?

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You've probably got grandfathered C1 rights (up to 7.5tonne) anyway. Why not rent one of those for a weekend and drive it around for a bit.


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I've had an HGV licence for 25 yrs. Definitely gives you another new perspective on road craft. You quickly learn to spend almost as long looking in mirrors as looking out front ! Good practice in any vehicle. It's difficult to pick up a part time HGV job that is "easy work" ie more driving than getting in and out. A lot of work is multi drop in towns and cities meaning you are getting stressed trying to find unfamiliar places, doing multiple laps of one way systems , finding somewhere to stop ( people honking when you have to block the road) and never knowing exactly when you'll be home because you can't finish until you get rid of the load.
I drove an Oil tanker for about 10 years doing home heating oil deliveries . That was tough work and involved a lot of hose hauling and cursing.
In my books, the ideal HGV job is very long drives with a couple of big load drops only .A friend had a great part time job once a week taking a trailer 200 miles, dropping it and bring back another one. But those jobs can be hard to find.