Would there be any interest?


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In this bike?

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For those that don't know, it is a Honda CTX1300 which has the same engine than the ST1300. It is a very comfortable bike to ride and I compare it to a smaller version of a GoldWing. This is the De Lux version that comes with heated grips and you can also listen to your tunes through speakers in the fairing.

You can read up about the bike here:

https://motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/Honda/honda_ctx 1300 di lux 14.htm

It is fitted out for long distance riding. Cruise control, auxiliary lights, madstad adjustable screen, GPS, Ram mounts, USB charge sockets, fuel tank, and a few extra bags for your stuff..... You don't need to spend a single dollar for farkling, it is ready to roll on your next 100CCC. The range that I get, and it depends on your speed and quality of fuel, is about 650 km per 2 tanks.

At the moment I have soft luggage bags fitted because they are easier to fill up and they are waterproof also. I do have the hard bags which will come with the bike. You will also get a few other bits and pieces with the bike.

The bike has done just under 70,000 km. It is well maintained.

Call me if interested. 0425 722 204