1. lynw

    Iron Butt Rally 2019

    Not sure how much publicity about the IBR came out this year as only Kevin and I were representing IBA UK, but in case anyone's interested who hasn't seen it here's our report on our 2019 IBR. Lyn
  2. ravenranger

    2017 Iron Butt Rally - links to ride reports & blogs

    John Harrison wrote in the epilogue that he was looking forward to reading folks' ride reports. So, it might be nice for folks who're writing ride reports to stick their links here to make it easy for folks who want to read ride reports to find them. Just a thought. Mine is currently a work...
  3. Alan Doak

    Good luck to all riders

    Just wanted to say good luck to all the riders in this year's rally. I was selected to do the ride but for reasons beyond my control (lack of money - I'm in New Zealand) I had to withdraw. Now that it's only 3 days away until the start I'm getting really excited for all the entrants. I only wish...
  4. Olaf Moon

    Iron Butt Rally 2017

    Entrants to the 2017 IBR have been notified this week, in addition to those who missed out unfortunately. The competition starts in Minneapolis MN on 26 June 2017.
  5. Rony6ble

    List of 2017 riders?

    Anyone knows a official list of riders for the '17 Rally?