Good luck to all riders

Alan Doak

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Just wanted to say good luck to all the riders in this year's rally. I was selected to do the ride but for reasons beyond my control (lack of money - I'm in New Zealand) I had to withdraw. Now that it's only 3 days away until the start I'm getting really excited for all the entrants. I only wish I could have been there to do this with you.

Ride safe, ride long, but more importantly, have fun! I'll be reading the reports with relish ( and jealousy) and following whatever Spotwalla tracks are available!!
Where is the finish point this year? I was looking at the Spotwalla for Day 9 and thinking some riders have a LONG way to go. (Labrador!!!).

CVO James

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IBR Finisher
Start and finish is in Minneapolis, MN. I finished a SS and a BB in May, already have a in state BBG planned. Now with the IBR underway I have been reading and re-reading ride reports. I think I am hooked!
Thanks! Me too. I just sold my bike (HD Road King) and am now looking for a new bike. I wanted something that was lighter. But now I am thinking about the FJR so I can do some LD riding. I downloaded the 2013 rally books and entered the points to see how I might have run the leg. Sort of fun.