100CCC Attempt - 4 February

Dan Simmonds

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The hardcopy Brisbane-Perth-Brisbane cert from February, 2019 has finally shown up today in the post.

My HUGE thanks to everyone who helped me pull this one off...who include:

Ian McPhee (Tabledrain)
TJ Evans
Clint Lovell
Martin Little
Karl Pirchmoser (Skidoo)
Lynne & Michael Morris (LTP & Fatman)....they both drowned their phones (and very nearly themselves) just to meet me in Cobar!!
Gus Cuthbertson
Lindsay Topperwein
Ron Perry
Daisy and Reg Conley
Bazz (Kwaka)

Donna (from the IBA over here in the states, who customized the artwork on this cert a bit to show the real route taken).

Heaps of truckies and campervans across the Nullarbor plain who tossed out a friendly wave...

Last but not least, Dave Jones, who did the first Brisbane - Perth 50CC (50 hours) in 2006 from Fishermans Island, QLD that encouraged me to even attempt this double crossing.

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Congratulations on completing this ride it is/was one hell of a ride and you certainly deserve the certificate to prove that you completed it. (or should that be to prove that you are insane?:eek:)
Drowned rats? - The things we do do meet people eh? ;)
Hope to catch up with you again when you are back in Oz in 2020