100CCC Attempt - 4 February


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Rob McPherson road Brisbane to Perth 50cc as well. I remember him came flying past me between Broken Hill and Yunta
May/June 2017
That's exactly right Frans. Rob rode that Bris/Perth 50CC leg as part of his Southern Cross Insanity.

And yes Vlad it was that particularly infamous finish in Perth. Rob does those big rides pretty easily. I think the tankful of diesel was just a way to make the ride a bit harder....... he loves a challenge.


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Robs 50 cc is definitely certified, that resulted in the diesel debacle if memory serves.
Thanks for that. I was relying on the FarRiders' database which he still has entries on, but hasn't bothered with non-FarRide entries since April 2016.
I know the master db for IBA is on the web, but it would be nice if the Australian IBA rides were readily accessible on an Australian listing. It won't happen- it would be a big job to set up.