2016 IBA Australia Memorial Rides


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Thanks everyone. My planned trip looking doubtful now based on work ...... slim chance but won't know until later in the week. I'll get there if I can :(
Looks like the earliest I can get on the road would be about 3pm Friday. If I can make the trek in 20/21hrs that would get me there by 12:00 Saturday. The main excitement of that timing would be the challenge of Pennant Hills Road and the M2 (Sydney) at peak hour Friday afternoon :eek::eek:

And Ox, the Starship gets around 480/500 'ish from a normal tank if I keep the speed respectable. (Fuel warning kicks in around 430 with 80k to-go). The fuel for the leg wasn't my main concern, just covering options. I might still get a receipt from the ATM in Burra just to be sure.


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Tele have you considered a run across the Barrier Highway instead?

Otherwise Bylong Valley Way, Forbes, Hay then westward?


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Thanks Ox. All good options. I'll see how my working week pans out and review my best alternative. Original thought was to go there via the southern route and home via Broken Hill, Cobar etc. I am just hoping Monday isn't a sign of things to come this week. ...... :(:confused:


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Why indeed reader57? It is after all a straight run.

But Tele's question has had me wondering about how riders view their routes and what that route might look like on a map.
Ive often read about guys collecting dockets at almost every town even though the need does not actually exist for say marking a corner or keeping within the max distance between stops for example.
Just goes to show how different anyone individual rides can be over possibly the same general route. Tis a fair call to ask if your venturing into an unknown region though.

jeffrey gebler

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This years memorial ride for me will begin at 00:00 on Thursday. I had difficulties last time with my Spot and hope to have figured it out this time.
I hope everyone has a safe ride and look forward to catching up this weekend.

New edit to the last post, my Bubbler GPS has crashed so no spot link for this ride. Next investment will be a Spot 2.

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Depart Newcastle (NSW) sometime between 20:00 Thursday night and 03:00 Friday depending on what happens with work and rest options before leaving. I would like to be in Wilmington for Friday night beers and dinner if possible.
Still undecided re actual route. I have planned two outward journey options. Wary of Kanga's through the Golden Highway west of town, but then again the trek via Wagga Wagga in the dark may not be any more relaxing. Come what may ...... that's the stuff that makes this IBA caper so challenging and entertaining.


Grey Gentry

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We're in a motel in Nuriootpa tonight. Cold, damp and upset tummies. Rained from Melbourne to beyond Stawell and both bikes were aquaplaning, then it just showered frequently until we got into SA. Lots of standing water and road damage, but luckily we didn't meet any road closures. See you all in the morning.

Martin Little

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My ride was a SS1600 on Sunday, (work commitments meant I couldn't make it to Wilmimgton for Saturday)

Left Canberra at 2:45am

An uneventful first leg to Wagga, I had the freeway to myself, stars were out but boy it was cold! Some heavy fog on the Sturt Highway between Hume turnoff and Wagga. Stopped for fuel and a warming coffee at Wagga

Then headed south to Albury via The Rock, I watched the sun come up before getting back onto the freeway to Melbourne.

The Rock was still there

Trundled through the Melbourne Freeway system and out to East Gippsland and up to Cann River where I stopped for afternoon tea and to stretch the legs. The sun was out and it was a lovely spring afternoon.

I love riding the Princes Highway through the forests of SE NSW.

Fuelled up in Narooma right on dusk, I love that ride down the hill with the sea in the distance. Continued onto Batemans Bay where I picked up my last corner docket and cleaned the lights and visor ready for the run uphill in the dark.

A beautiful starlit night ride up Clyde Mountain and the same across the tablelands through Braidwood and Bungendore to Canberra. No wildlife to speak of other than a Wombat crossing the road in the Main Street of Braidwood! Go figure!

Rode into the garage at 9:20pm, right on schedule, and the dog helped me put the bike away, happy to see her master home again.

This was my first longish ride in over two months and it felt good to be back in the saddle! Feeling rusty and out of condition but there's always something to work on.

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