2016 IBA Australia Memorial Rides


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My paperwork went across the IBA via email on Friday. I had forgotten until I found a stack of receipts when clearing out a desk drawer. Also reminded me that I have not yet submitted the paperwork for the fantastic group ride we did for Ethan in April 2016.

Excellent riding and reporting Jeff! And other super-stellar effort from young Peter Hogan :):)


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Im interested in the art work on your certificate Ox. Is that artwork off your own bat?
Is personal artwork something that others can perhaps submit as part of their normal paperwork?
looks great.


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Time fly's..it will happen.
Ive a need to re write my wording now. I knew the long game was coming to an end back then last year I rode in memory of my uncle Ron who passed away only a week before and today we berried his wife. My dear Aunt Brenda. Been a bit busy.


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Celebration at Wilmington and the Plaque is always the second (2nd) Saturday in Sept.
For the first two years it was on the anniversary of Davo's passing on Father's Day but Team Jones rightly asked that it be held the weekend after.

FWIW: Liz and I have a permanent booking at the Wilmington Hotel for that 2nd Saturday in Sept.


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Hereby confirming all speculation, guesses, estimates and conjecture...

The Annual IBA Memorial Ride to Wilmington SA/Davo's Plaque at Horrocks is indeed on
Saturday 9th of September 2017. Official Ceremony at 2.00pm.
As always - riders unable to make it to the Memorial Day can do their IBA ride during the week before and after the date.

Further information and details for Ride Master registration will be coming soon.
Details on accommodation and other information will also be provided.
All to be posted on a new 2017 thread.