2017 IBA Australia Memorial Rides


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I won't be able to make it to Wilmington I will be leaving early Sat morn (9th) on a planned ss2000 around Sth West WA Perth, Busselton, Albany, Esperance, Kalgoorlie. Perth. hope everyone has a safe journey


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I'm yet to plan a suitable loop ..... family illness and work issues have kept me away from the bike for the past 6 weeks .... my ride fitness consists of commuting and hospital visits :confused: The bike will get a shock when it doesn't stop after 30 minutes :rolleyes:


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Hi all,
as you see from my list on the previous page, we have 21 riders registered for the Annual Memorial Rides.
Now I know that not all are going to Wilmington and the ceremony on the 9th September.
Could all those who will be attending the ceremony at Horrocks Pass, and/or staying over at Wilmington please
list their names and where staying.
Either - copy and paste my list of registered riders and place entry alongside your name
OR - just put it in a post and I will compile the list.


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Gatey is attending the ceremony and staying in Wilmington Saturday night. No room booked. I had intended to just roll a swag but tonight I was texting o my cousin Viv. We may arrive Saturday Anoon if she can lift her side of the bargin and ride a bit from Milicent.
Are we having breakfast at Melrose?

Gatey cerimony and Saturday nigh...+1?


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Here you go Nico:

Daisy and Head Mechanic - are attending ceremony and staying at the Wilmington Hotel.
KiwiMartin - Going to Horrocks Pass and planning on staying at Wilmington Hotel Saturday
Gatey - attending the ceremony and staying in Wilmington Saturday night
Kwaka and Liz - pay respects then staying at the pub Sat night.
Grey Gentry - plan is to be there at the plaque and at the pub.
JeffTheChef - planning on staying both Friday and Saturday night.
Rebel13 - I'm also planning to stay at the pub Friday & Saturday night
OX-34 - attending the ceremony but then commuting home to Newcastle.

Feel free to cut and paste......


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Hi all,
the time is fast approaching for the Annual Memorial Rides.

At this stage we have good numbers
Total riders registered / unregistered: 24 / 3
Riding in their own area: 3-4
Attending Wilmington/Ceremony: 21 (approx)
Staying at the Pub or nearby: 19 (approx)

I don't know exact numbers for the event as not everybody is on the forum or indicated what they are doing.
Best just turn up and enjoy the weekend!

Thanks all :)
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