2018 IBA Australia Memorial Rides


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That time has come around again folks – the Annual IBA Australia Memorial Rides!
The Annual IBA Australia Memorial Rides are on again this September – based around
Saturday the 8th September with rides able to be done within 1 week either side of this date.

Some background:
The memorial rides are held all around the world every year, to honour past members and fallen riders.
In Australia we have formally held them in September for many years now, formed around the date of the passing of the founder of FarRiders, IBA Member and IBR competitor David “Davo” Jones.
This year will mark the 9th Anniversary of Davo's passing.

Your Memorial Ride (of IBA length) can be in one of two formats:

1. Complete an SS1600 or greater on the route of your choice, starting and finishing anywhere in Australia,
between Sat 1st Sept and Sun 16th Sept which is a week either side of 8th.

2. Complete an SS1600 or greater, finishing at, or near, or on the way to or from Port Augusta SA,
on or around the 8th-9th September, to then participate in the Memorial Service at the site
of the Memorial Plaque, Horrocks Pass Rd, Winninowie SA, on Saturday 8th Sept at 2.00pm.
Memorial Plaque Coords: S32 37.533 E137 56.808

(Details for the gathering and group ride for this one are posted below).

For any rider attempting an IBA length Memorial Ride during the above mentioned two weeks, will have their successful ride certified by Howard Entman of the IBA, as a specific “SS/BB…. Memorial Ride 2018”
In the wording of your certificate, you will have the option of paying a personal tribute to anyone you wish to name on your dedication.
For any certified ride, you must register before the 8th of September.

Registration is now open here:

Anyone wishing to get along to Memorial Ceremony at Horrocks Pass to honour Davo and other past riders but cannot or do not wish to complete an IBA ride, are very welcome to join us on the day or for the weekend at Port Augusta.
We would be proud to have you come along.

For the Memorial Service - Sat 8th Sept:

Meet up location: is the tarmac at the Puma Roadhouse, Augusta Hwy, Hwy 1, Port Augusta. Here: -32.512146, 137.804034
The time: from 12.30pm (SA time) for a group ride to the Memorial Plaque, Horrocks Pass.

The Service a short service at Davo’s Memorial Plaque at 2.00pm.

Evening Meal and gathering - Sat 8th Sept:

Venue: Ian’s Western Hotel, Augusta Hwy cnr Caroona Rd, Port Augusta.

Time: 6.30pm - group booking made – please advise me if attending.
Good meals at dining room prices.


Paperwork for your ride is to be submitted following your ride in this format:

All paperwork for verification after your rides to be sent via email to this address:
[email protected] (Copy and paste into your email)

** Please note:
News was received recently that the Wilmington Hotel has been closed down.
Enquiries reveal that the business was not viable and Jan closed the doors 3 months ago.
As first rumoured, there are some safety issues which may need addressing in future.
It is unknown to what extent this affects any future re-opening or potential accommodation.
This is why the gathering has been moved from Wilmington to Port Augusta this year.

Accommodation Options:
(close to dinner venue)
Motel Poinsettia - (08) 8642 2411 - Rooms $85 to $107, incl breakfast
Augusta Courtyard Motel - (08) 8642 3622 - Rooms $120 to $150
Acacia Ridge Motor Inn – (08) 8642 3377 – Rooms $90 to $120
Comfort Inn & Suites – (08) 8642 2488 – Rooms from $135
Discovery Parks – (08) 8642 2974 – Cabins from $103; Camping with ensuite $49
Shoreline Caravan Park - (08) 8642 2965 - Cabins $60 to $100, camping

(5km from the dinner venue)
Highway One Motel - (08) 8642 2755 - Rooms $80 to $125
Augusta Budget Motel - (08) 8642 2555 - Rooms $100 (flat rate)

(45km from dinner venue - Wilmington)
Beautiful Valley Caravan Park - (08) 8667 5197 - cabins, vans, camping

Plus other options in and around Port Augusta.

If planning on coming along, or just interested at this stage, please join the discussion and let us know.
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A month ago there was very little accomadation available in PA due to lots of roadworks and other stuff happening around the area and most places were full of workers (same in B hill), I scored the last room in town because someone canceled


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Wilmington pub no more eh, really disappointing to learn of this. Guess that's indicative and endemic of our changing culture and demographics. Without clientèle there's no cash flow and no profit so there's no money for upgrades and upkeep. One chapter ends and another begins.

Was always happy to help out the Wilmington Hotel by staying o/night or longer and spending (for Liz and me) lavishly on food and drink. It made for special times, celebrating special events with very special friends.

Will advise in due course of our intentions Nico but before I forget, thanks for taking this one on board and doing the much envied job of organizing and cat-herding. Seriously though, really appreciate your time and effort mate, thank you.


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Yeah Gus I had a similar challenge coming back from Dalby Muster - from Charleville, nothing available between there and Cobar - both Cunamulla and Bourke fully booked out! Work gangs, conferences, whatever, it just happens sometimes.

I agree with you Bazz, we have a lot of history and great memories at the Wilmington Pub.
But life is about change - and we move and adapt as we go.
I take this job on because it's a labour of love.
For myself and many riders, the Memorial Rides are significant and well worth making the effort as and when we can.


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For those participating, please copy and paste all your details to the list here:

Nico - Registered - Staying over in PA - going to dinner
Gatey- Registered- Staying over TDA- going to dinner TDA. Best I can do just now Nico.


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Awesome work once again Nico. I could not make last year due to personal commitments, but hope to be there this year. I need yet to confirm the leave from work, but hope to do so within the next few weeks. I won't add my name to the list until I can be more sure of my plans.

jeffrey gebler

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Thanks for taking the time to again organize this years memorial ride.

It will not be the same without the Wilmington Hotel but things do move on and no doubt the new venue will have much more to offer.

For the last five years I have participated on the actual day but due to the Taree Rally, the Centenary of Armistice ride and a rather long ride I have planned for the states next June any more weekends away from the brewery are going to be scarce.
I do have a memorial ride planned for this year but unfortunately it will have to take place earlier in the week.

Hope to be back in 2019.

Martin Little

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For those participating, please copy and paste all your details to the list here:

Nico - Registered - Staying over in PA - going to dinner
Gatey- Registered- Staying over TDA- going to dinner TDA. Best I can do just now Nico.
Kiwimartin - Registered - Staying over in PA - going to dinner

Grey Gentry

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For those participating, please copy and paste all your details to the list here:

Nico - Registered - Staying over in PA - going to dinner
Gatey- Registered- Staying over TDA- going to dinner TDA. Best I can do just now Nico.
Kiwimartin - Registered - Staying over in PA - going to dinner
Grey Gentry - Registered - Staying over in PA - going to dinner.

Olaf Moon

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Gents, I cannot make it on 8 September. However, I will head out from Canberra, to arrive 1 September at Horrocks Pass, having never visited there before. GoT rally points are in mind amoungst other things....


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My trip plan is very different to the past.
I have secured Friday in total as a day off to ride. I have Monday too as a day off to ride home.
Sunday I will be with my parents for a few hours. They like a sleep-in but come Monday morning in Robe S.A. My old folks will get out of bed at a stupid time to see me off as they have done for a decade of so. Mum will worry. Dad will worry about mum and Ill spend the day wishing I lived closer.
Each year on these rides I pack lighter ...
Each year on these rides I carry more within.


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I would love to come across and join my friends at Port Augusta, but there is no relief for my dayshift on Sunday 09 September. Multiple requests across the business have failed to gain me a relief to provide coverage. A 05:30 start leaves me little time to enjoy any Saturday night frivolities in the southern state. I will register my enthusiasm with Jason and pick a day within the specified time window to attempt another SS1600.
Best wishes and safe travels to all those riding in memory of their friends.