2018 IBA Australia Memorial Rides


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I'm blocking next year's dates out already, don't want to miss out again.
Next one is 10 years Rus. Probably a special one. We had some discussion at dinner on what happens beyond that, given most of the current FarRiders never knew Davo. A topic for another day and not for this thread. There would also need to be some figuring on how this ties in with the proposed memorial site. Nico did the hard yards in preparing for this one so the 10 year one should be easier.


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Well, for those who came this year, it was a relatively small but enthusiastic group who gathered for the 2pm Memorial. Thanks to Kwaka for his eloquent words and presentation of the FarRider #1 poem. Afternoon tea at Quorn was delicious as always, and the ride during the afternoon was bathed in sunshine (some strong southerly winds across the weekend made it a tough ride for some of us). I think (from foggy memory) we had 14 friends for dinner. The food, drinks and company was delicious, even if one "elder statesman" could not recall what he had actually ordered from the dessert bar. A group breakfast on Sunday morning at the coffee shop across the road preceded fond farewells as everyone headed for their respective abodes.

3300k for me across the long weekend. Thanks to Head Mechanic (Reg) for herding the cats, and to Kwaka for helping us remember the fine contribution Davo made to distance riding in Australia. We all acknowledge it was unlikely that any of those sitting at that table on the Saturday night would have been there together if it wasn't for the enthusiasm of Davo to encourage some form of social interaction for those who like to ride Far. Thanks to those who came to make the gathering so worthwhile.


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Thanks Tele. T'was a beautiful, perfect sunny day for the 10th anniversary. Certainly an honour to say few words and a first for me, to orate the FR1 poem

While the rest of you were out on your latte rides, Liz and I settled into the pub. With Coopers XPA and Stout being on tap, we got to yarning with the locals and boy, didn't we hear some amazing life stories.

So too, our own intimate little gathering gave me a lot of enjoyment as I got to learn a little more about those of us there and how Davo's LD passion impacted on each of us.
Thank you to all attendees.