2020-09-26 Barnard Castle eye test

Hi Dave and Bob
Just received my superb "I passed the Dominic Cummings eye test" patch, thank you very much.
+2 with what hover-hog and John R said, brilliant idea.
Also I finally learnt how to put a photo on the forum, and thanks to JB I can now send a message on my phone with a photo. Result....
Stay safe
Regards Bob

Safari Ferg

Safari Ferg
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Dave and Bob
Moi aussi.
What a superb badge and a great day out, Charlie (aka Splitter 142) and myself got the 30hour ferry on Friday, stayed at the Buccleuch Arms in Moffat and came down the A66, we went home over the moors to Alston, lunch in Brampton and then back along Dumfries and Galloway coast south of the A75. A most enjoyable trip, thanks for arranging.
Graeme Ferguson