2020 IBA Australia Memorial Rides & IBA Wilcannia Memorial Ceremony


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2020 IBA Australia Memorial Rides & IBA Wilcannia Memorial Ceremony

Following the success of the Inaugural Memorial Ceremony and dedication last year, that time has rolled around again.

Below are the dates within which all IBA Australia Memorial Rides must be completed to be certified as an IBA Memorial Ride.
Also here are the details of the short ceremony to be held at the Netallie Memorial site.

This year we are NOT asking for Rider Registration with Ride Master, but to be certified, ALL rides must fulfil the submission rules
of the usual IBA certified rides.

Dates for ALL Memorial Rides to be completed:

From September 11th to September 28th 2020 (inclusive)

– rides to be completed within these dates if participants wish to receive an IBA Australia Memorial Ride Certificate and IBA Australia Memorial Patch.

Your Memorial Ride may be conducted anywhere within Australia.

You may wish to include attendance at the Ceremony within your Certified ride.

Everyone is welcome to attend the Ceremony – whether doing a certified ride or not.


IBA Australia Memorial Site (Netallie) – Annual Ceremony.
Near Wilcannia NSW (Netallie Hill)

Saturday September 26th @ 1.00 pm:

Riders attending this event will receive a special one-off dedicated IBA Australia Memorial Ride patch only available to attendees of this event.
All attendees at this event will receive the patch, whether doing a measured ride or not.

If attending, please indicate your attendance on this forum discussion thread.

Location of Memorial Site and destination for Ceremony:

The location of the IBA Memorial site is here: -31.5695595, 143.2154867 or -31.5695595 South, 143.2154867 East
Approx 17km West of Wilcannia on the Barrier Hwy.
Approx 200m West of Netallie Hill Rest Area (park here and entry via a gate in the boundary fence)

For the Ceremony and Celebration:

Some members may be staying over in the area on the Friday night before the Ceremony, and/or the Saturday night following the ceremony.
Please follow the discussion threads (and last year’s) for accommodation options.

UPDATE to Memorial Rides (edited 12/8/20)

Following detailed discussions with all Premiers regarding the Covid19 restrictions and the general state of the nation...
(State Premiers...? Premier members...? I'll leave that to the reader to work out)

It has been decided that there will be no ceremony at the Netallie Memorial site this year.

The dates and period for Memorial Rides - as above - is unchanged.

Members are encouraged to plan and complete their own Memorial Rides according to limits imposed by relevant States and Territories.

It is unfortunate, however there is still some riding that can be done by most members.
Most of you do not need much of an excuse to get out there...

Good luck and please share your thoughts and planning, and of course your rides on the forum when completed.
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Thank you Nico. Solid work for the greater community mate. Well done.

26th should see me able to escape a rental cleanup and by then we will have a half finished house.
It would be great to use the last half of an oil change I did for this event last year.

Ive never ever seen any 10k oil change last sooooo long.
Tyres from 2019 fresh as.

13:00... now I'm putting that in black marker on the screen. 13:00 is the BE There time.
Missed by that much last year.


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Gday Mick.
Bucket list over flow and empty out pretty regular so it is what its had to be.
I found another photo from your trip out the Tablelands Hwy, NT.