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jeffrey gebler

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Gday Jeffrey
I have thought of you often wondering how your enterprise has weathered each storm.
I hope your all well mate and making headway.
Chris, All good and progressing nicely here in S. A.
A few rides planned for the near future to get some ride fitness in preparation for the 2021 IBR.
Hope to catch up sometime in the not too distant future.


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I looked at that photo and thought that was one single unit with three fill points. I was fascinated to see how on earth it would be streamlined into a bike set up :p


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After not being on the Trophy for over 20 weeks due to a "no stock back order issue" for the front mudguard damaged on Sat. 17 th. April, I've planned an SS1600 as soon as we [Victorian's] are allowed out. It will be a spur of the moment ride. Allowed out, weather good, go. Easy route, start docket 12.01am. start Trafalgar, East to Bairnsdale then reverse direction to Mildura via the Calder Hwy. then reverse home to Trafalgar. 1641 kms., 18 hours ride time plus stoppages. Anyway that's the plan. As the wife said, you can only give it a go.