Aerostich suits

Glad to read that so many are happy. I have 2 of the RC 1pc original (classic?). Both bought off the factory sale rack. Both crotches leaked but not every time. Seat never passed a drop. After about 4yrs on each, left arm leaked above elbow. First one destroyed after 10yrs/100k in a crash at the road track w/no injury to me. Rumor has it that the 2pc-ers do not leak. I have used a tent/tarp/boat cover sealer on mine and things improved but it wasn't perfect.


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I have owned a roadcrafter 1pc, with old zipper style; a roadcrafter 2pc, can’t recall if was new zip or old; and I currently wear a Darien jacket with roadcrafter pants. I loved the first 2pc. I wore it a lot, and it never leaked except when I left a zip open, so that was my fault. My 2pc I didn’t like too much. The 2pc I got wet in all the time, and I ordered it a little too small and lived with it instead of getting it right the first time. After that I tried some TourMaster gear, which I hated and went back to Aerostich gear. I have a Darien now and it is bone dry. The road crafter pants are also dry. I usually use a bib attachment with the pants. I have ridden in all day down pours and stayed dry with my current arrangement. I love them.

I’m just a beginner compared to the big dogs in the IBA. Only have 8 certified rides. But when I ride, I ride. Weather be damned. And the Aerostich is the best solution I’ve seen.

I would note, I only sold my first 1pc because I outgrew it - I got fatter. And I kept getting fatter with the second one, so I never was comfortable wi5h it. Now, I’ve got everything sized good and no worries.


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On my next to last ride I rode to Idaho from California to start a ToH ride in Idaho. I refueled in Manteca. A customer said I looked like a blue snowman. It was 75 degrees. 3 hours later I was riding over dinner summit with blowing snow and 34degrees. The 1piece r3 aerostitch was perfect I was dry and reasonably comfortable with heated gear.