Atomic 1000 - Trinity Test Site reminder

Brian Thorn

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Yes, it was a small trailer. Have fun.

Look for a white ST out of Texas. Rider's name is Tex Harkins.

I had great weather all throughout Texas and NM last week other than some light misting last Saturday. I hope you have just as good on your trip.
I canned the ride. After less than a hundred miles I noticed my tracking had failed. But the biggest issue is the cruise control on the wing also failed and l knew my old hand would not tolerate the ride.


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Submitted the application & photos for the Atomic 1000 today. That task is done.

I'll get cranking on the blog update next. Yes, we were only there about an hour...but just driving in and out of that place - and seeing the stuff they tell you to NOT take photographs of...


Yeah, I *know* what that stuff is there for.

Neat ride - glad I was able to ride from New Mexico back home with zero drama. My wife is a trooper, and my whining (remember, no whining in LD riding, damnit!) didn't start until passing the 900 mile mark.

I have *got* to get my wife used to hearing protection. After leaving the range, it was just the earpieces in the helmets, and I didn't find my earplugs (grrr!) Yesterday was a bit of wind noise in my head while -not- moving.