Attendees for the Dedication

Will you be attending the IBA Australia Memorial Dedication on the 28/9/19?

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Thanks again for all the support, absolutely awesome. I really appreciated the visit from Taffey and jeffthechef this afternoon.
Collar bone all plated up now its up to the ribs to sort themselves out at least the drugs are good. Will be in the RAH for a few more days yet.

Bit bummed out about the bike but have already moved on. Fate of the ZZR is up to Shannons but I doubt I'll see it again. I've had all the farrider/davo/iba stuff removed. Ironically part of my ride plan was to call in to Wentworth NSW to take a look at a very low km 2011 1400GTR with the hope of returning Monday to pick it up but a few more important things first but I have never had a second thought since the prang about returning to riding.

Most important thing is i'm still alive to contemplate such things.

Thanks again, Alan
Thanks Taffey and good to hear the SS wasn't too harsh on you.

Roo strikes are never fun so do please give Alan a g'day and get well from me and Liz.
After not meeting up for quite a few years, I had a great catch up with him at Wilmington and was looking forward to seeing him again so soon.

Jeff the Chef, what a legend that bloke is.
Jeff and I paid a visit on Wednesday and Al was in a very chatty mood and thinking of new gear, new bike and new adventures. Should be on the move after a couple of months recuperation.
Your abit further down the track, how's it going?
Thanks Marls,

Its been just over 4 weeks now. Getting better now and a bit more mobile. Stuck around the house but things could be worse. looking at another 2-4 weeks, but need a couple more xrays and ultra sounds etc. but in good spirits. Shannons paid out on bike and riding gear with no dramas and pretty quick too. Shame to see ol' Zed go that way but on the bright side got about $2.5 k more as the write off than I would have, had i sold it as a going concern. Seems strange with no bike in the garage, selling off some old parts (anyone want a ventura rack for a ZZR1100? ha ha). etc etc

Anyhoo, still smiling, and still alive to ride another day.

thanks again


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Good to read you're planning your future riding. After a big hit like that which put you in hospital it would be understandable that you might (or Mrs Large might) think quitting LDR was the best thing to do.
Of course riding isn't all there is to life, but if one gets in as deep as most of us are, it would be a pretty radical thing to drop it altogether.
Shouldn't be too long before you're ride-fit again. Maybe that 2011 1400GTR is still available.
I've recently had a Covid clean out at home. I have a memorial patch that was kindly given to me as I had registered for this ride. So I have a spare for anyone who would like it, I'm not big on patches etc but even if I was, It wouldn't feel like I deserve it as i didn't make it.

So if you would like it, please PM me with an address and I'll post it to you.

I did really appreciate the gesture of being given the patch even though I didn't make it.

Now the border to NSW is open and a new bike in the garage (yes the 1400GTR was still available) I'll get there one day.