Aussies @ the Iron Butt Rally 2019


Just a heads-up that I plan to broadcast some Periscope livestreams from the IBR start, checkpoints, and finish. It won't be on any particular schedule - I'll be working the rally and that, of course, comes first But I'd like to start them this Friday or Saturday and do them as time permits through the start on Monday the 17th. I also plan to do the same at the checkpoints and finish.

For those unfamiliar with Periscope, it's a free iPhone and Android app to broadcast live streams. You can watch them live, and they will also be available on the Web post-broadcast. I will provide instructions later in the week on how to access them.

Ira Agins
Iron Butt Association
Thanks for the heads up Ira:)


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Instructions for accessing the Periscope videos I hope to produce:

If you have the Periscope app:

Open the app
Touch the "people" icon on the bottom of the screen
Touch the "Find" icon (the magnifying glass) at the top of the screen
Touch "Broadcasts"
Search for "IBR 2019"

You should then see a list of videos, both live (if there is a live broadcast) and previously recorded.

If you don't have the app, you can see them on the Web:

Take the following link:

As I mentioned earlier, I plan to start streaming on Friday, June 14th (All times are local!), but beyond that, no set schedule.

There should also be a link in the IBA IBR Web page as well.

I am in Greenville. The buffalo is ready t go, aa small trip to the welder to reweld the side stand tab was in order. Not sure why it broke but possibly connected to having it airborne off a railway crossing at o dark 30 on the MN1K.

Already caught up with Margaret, as well as lots of other long time riders milling around the entrance to the Marriott.
Its rest now, sleep and runa few test routes. Thats it except for tech inspection until the riders meetings.


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Yeah it's good to see Jeffrey in good spirits and meeting Ira.
The shot below is from the video.
I remember Jeffrey saying he has to put an arrow on the screen to remind him to keep to the right! :D
Hahaha.... Saw that out there and thought it was a "GET OVER!!" signal. :eek:

Martin Little

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Hello from Greenville Sth Carolina! We have arrived at Rally HQ after a leisurely ride across from Minnesota which gave us time to test and refine our setup. Not surprisingly we have reduced the amount of stuff we will be carrying for the rally and made a couple of other minor tweaks. Tomorrow, (Saturday) we have tech inspection which will see things ramped up, followed by the mandatory rider briefings on Sunday ready for lift off Monday.

The rest of the Aussies are all here and looking very relaxed too! We are also blessed with cooler temperatures which has been a noticeable difference to the last few years.

There won't be too many more posts from me after this as things start to "get real" but Bec and I are grateful for the many messages of support from Downunder and the local support from Drain, Colleen, Jeff, Helen, Margaret and Greenie.