Auxiliary Fuel Tank

The only issue with a 200 mile range is reserve. How much is left, often if you have a 200-225 max range you're looking for fuel around 180 miles, that's looking for fuel every 2 and a half hours or so and a stop every 3 hours or so, over the course of a long multiple day rally or ride, let's say of 2500 miles, you are stopping twice as often when compared to a bike with a 400 mile range and you stop every 350 miles.

When I was running with only a 250 mile range I was looking for fuel every 200 miles and often had to stop even sooner depending on where I was with fuel and when the next potential fuel stop was. And I can say it felt like I was always looking for gas...always, and I can assure you on the back roads heading to Yellowstone or back roads heading to a place litterally in the middle of nowhere at 3 am you are always worried about fuel, so much so you end up stopping at every fuel stop since you don't know when the next will come up, some towns had one fuel pumps and often they weren't open 24*7.

If you assume a very effecient 10 mins per stop, those extra 7 stops adds over an hour to your travel time.

Then there is the margin factor, it's nice to know if you are some place at o dark thirty and hit the 300 mile marker, you have another 100-150 mile range in your tanks if needed....and trust me, I've been places where it really was needed.

So, of course 180-200 miles is perfectly fine and perfectly manageable, no one NEEDS 350-450 mile range, but man it sure is nice having it.

Heck even for my daily commute it's the difference in getting fuel once to twice per week vs one every two weeks.

Marc, you are so right.

My VTX has about a 130 to 140 mile range before reserve. If only on the main tank I was looking for fuel at 100 unless my stops were planned. That makes a SS1000 not as much fun. I added a 1.8 gallon tank which means even fighting a wind and running 70 or 80 real mph I know I am safe to 200 then reserve but I start looking sooner if not planned stops. 200 is a good range most of the time but on my way to Yellowknife and out in Nowhere Utah, I had to play see gas buy gas.

Like you said when out in Nowhere, USA, especially at 0'dark 30 it is nice to know you have more than 200, Just for comfort and relaxation.

On my Royal Star Venture I have added a 5 gallon tank (easy to remove) plus the 5.9 gallon stock tank. With stock tank 170 miles is about max before reserve, headwinds at 70 and 80 real mph returns less. My goal was at least 300. I (old fart) usually have to pee by then. When I did my first SS3000 it was sure nice to not even think about fuel for more than 300 miles.

Both of these motorcycles are old enough that they are carb fed and no fuel gauge (two trip odometers) so plumbing was easy, T into the fuel line after the main tank pitcock. I do use QD and shut off on the aux line. I have the main tank shut off at its pitcock until the Aux runs out then turn on the main. If it runs out I still have the reserve to turn on. Then I start worrying.