Bazz and Liz's 2018 ANZAC Day Ride


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Cheers, thanks TJ. Home, safe, sound and in one piece.
Hmm, looking at the tracking and it shows that SPOT didn't play nice....again. I may have dropped it once too often :oops:. Time to upgrade or go for a different option me thinks.

Anyways ride completed with 1,721 Odo km and according to the dockets, we had 1:12hr to spare.
Last year we spelt out ANZAC all in Sth Aust. This year, Victoria was our host.

Avoca - ATM receipt
Nathalia - 24hr fuel card receipt
Zeerust - pic of the public school
Ardmona - pic of the public school
Cohuna - ATM receipt

Cert pending. RR as and when time permits.

The Bombardier.
Our monument is very symbolic and a potent reminder of what war is.

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Chris Wiltshire

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Kwaka, any chance you can share your SPOT link? I'm keen to take a look at what you managed to log? As a backup to your SPOT device you could consider running a cellphone in parallel - just to be sure?... My SWConnect SPOT track worked flawlessly for me.


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Great ride guys! I only rode 600k on ANZAC day, but in my defence I had to lead the dawn service and attend the gunfire brekkie etc etc.

On another note, the highways were pretty clear for the most part, not a bad day to do a run on the clock.


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Thanks for the obvious effort in putting that report together Bazz. A great read with an excellent set of photos as always. Another excellent tribute to the ANZAC memory.